Jelly Roll Took His Dog In For A Bath While On The Road, And Then Brought The Dog Groomer Backstage After His Show

Jelly Roll country music
Happy Tailz Grooming

Jelly Roll is quickly becoming one of the most likeable people in country music.

The rapper-turned-country star is known for having a big heart, taking time to meet fans and help out wherever he can, like when he played a private show for a fan with terminal cancer.

And he’s also spent a lot of time visiting and singing with inmates, a cause that’s near and dear to his heart given his own history in and out of jail during his earlier years.

Plus he just seems like an all-around nice dude.

And now we have yet another example of that coming out too.

Jelly Roll (whose real name is Jason DeFord) is currently on his Backroad Baptism tour, where he’s sold out all of the first 14 shows on the tour so far. Just incredible for a country artist on his first major headlining tour.

But of course he’s not alone out on the road. He’s also got his wife, Bunnie Xo, the host of the Dumb Blonde Podcast, who’s been by her husband’s side and has been selling out her own meet and greets before his shows.

And they’ve also got their loyal dog Bussie with them too.

Well after all that time on the road (and all those hours spent being a good dog), Bussie needed a day at the spa. So while he was in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania for a show at the Pavilion at Star Lake, he made an appointment for Bussie to get some grooming from a local business, Happy Tailz Grooming.

Coincidentally, the owner, Tina McGregor, says that when she got the call asking if she could give Bussie a last minute bath, she had been planning on leaving early for the Jelly Roll concert that night – until she found out that it was the country star’s dog that needed groomed.

But it’s a good thing McGregor was able to take care of Bussie, because when Jelly Roll’s team brought the dog in for a bath, they also had something else for her: Backstage passes for after the show, to hang out with Jelly himself.

McGregor posted pictures of herself and Jelly Roll hanging out by his bus, along with the freshly groomed Bussie (who also has his own backstage pass for his role as “Bus Man”).

Regardless of what you think about his music, you’ve gotta admit, Jelly Roll just seems like an awesome dude.

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