Florida Woman Covers Herself In Mountain Dew To “Wash Away DNA” After Killing Roommate

Florida Woman
Fox 35

A story that can only come from one state…

Whether it’s serving meth in soy sauce or chugging Twisted Tea from an alligator, the people of the great state of Florida sure know how to make a headline.

The latest story come to us from Dayton Beach, where a woman allegedly used an interesting tactic to wash away DNA after murdering her roommate.

According to Fox35, a police officer was flagged down early on the morning of July 1st regarding a fire visible at a home on Clark Street. Firefighters were called in and extinguished the blaze, but discovered the body of a man laying on the floor upstairs. He had blunt force trauma to the back of his head and multiple stab wounds to his torso.

He was identified as 79 year old Michael Cerasoli and his roommate, 35 year old Nichole Maks, was listed as a person of interest.

A few hours later, around 3:30am, a police officer located Maks at a Krystal’s. She was carrying a hammer and knife, had blood on her leg, no shoes, and her shirt was blood covered and torn up. Fortunately, she dropped the weapons and surrendered when approached, but her story began taking many wild turns from here.

First she claimed to be homeless and didn’t know the victim. Then she admitted she was his roommate, but said she didn’t see him that day and typically carried hammers and knives with her. She became increasingly more agitated when the fire was brought up and she was then placed in custody.

She asked for a drink and in an effort to calm her down, officers gave her a can of Diet Mountain Dew, but she continued acting strangely and when officers tried to grab the can from her, she began pouring it over her head and clothes in an effort to cover the blood evidence all over her. She continued fighting with the officers but they were able to subdue her and get what was needed to run a DNA test.

Her DNA was found on a knife located in the house nearby the murdered man and she remains in custody with no bail in Volusia County jail. Her lawyers at first entered a non-guilty plea, but are now asking for a mental health check, claiming she is not competent to stand trial.

First off, absolutely tragic for the Cerasoli family. We’re sending prayers for them and hope the justice system does what it’s intended to do.

But also, why is a 35 year old woman living with a 79 year old man? She was clearly a bit crazy, so I’m sure there’s a long, convoluted backstory which lead us here.

I know Coca-Cola has been shown to be pretty erosive, so honestly it wasn’t a terrible idea on her part, but with today’s technology, not to mention being surrounded by police officers while she tried it, there was perhaps a better way to go about covering up a murder.

Also, as a former Florida resident, this is pretty much what you should expect to see if you visit a Krystal’s past midnight, but my goodness are those late night burgers worth it.

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