Cheap Shot Deer Smacks Toddler On The Head With Its Hoof

Deer hits kid

I love that people have so much faith in animals out in the wild, only to then be proved time and time again that wild animals will always do wild animal things.

Deer aren’t usually viewed as violent animals, though we’ve seen through viral videos that they can quickly tap into their angry side. Based on what I’ve seen, deer apparently don’t care for smaller children.

Another video from a couple of months ago showed a deer absolutely clotheslining a toddler, and this one that is featured below supports the idea that deer might not be fans of kids. In both clips, the kids don’t really do much to provoke the animals, but it just goes to show you that it’s always best to give creatures in the wild their distance.

It appears in this video that a group of docile deer had walked up on some people camping. It’s strange that these wild deer are comfortable enough to stand right around people, but at the same time, deer don’t always make a lot of sense.

If you are hunting and you move a half of an inch in a tree stand, a deer that’s near you will absolutely freak out and run for the hills. However, if you are driving a Ford F-150 80 miles an hour down an interstate, one will just stand right there on the side of the road still as can be and watch as you speed on by.

These deer must have been used to being around people, so when they walked up to the campers, the people apparently let their guard down thinking these were “friendly” deer. However, they soon found out that was not the case.

The toddler was given some sort of food to feed the deer, and walked up to one and started trying to give it a snack. The deer wasn’t liking how close the toddler was getting to it, and decided that it would strike when the time was right.

And that “right time” came when the little kid dropped some of the food that it was feeding the deer and bent over to the ground to retrieve it. Doing so apparently gave the deer the green light to attack, swinging its front left hoof up in the air and back down on the back of the toddler’s head.

The violent act happened so fast and seemed to be so unprovoked that the child’s family had little to no time to react. You can tell that they kick into gear pretty quickly afterwards considering the video cuts off right as the little kid is falling to the ground. I’m guessing that toddler won’t be saying that his favorite animal is a deer after this encounter.

Take a look:

Social media users were caught off guard by the deer’s flying hoof attack, leaving replies underneath the video saying:

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