Stephen A. Smith Spent $20,000 On Taylor Swift Tickets: “That Sh*t Was Off The Chain”

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You would be hard pressed to find someone in the country who hasn’t attended Taylor Swift’s record breaking Eras Tour this summer.

It has been a complete Swiftie take-over this year, with the nationwide tour well on its way to becoming the highest grossing tour of all time, and Swift hasn’t even kicked off the international leg of concerts, which start in 2024.

So it should come to no surprise that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith actually found himself at a “T-Swizzle” concert recently. Pretty much anyone and everyone has found a concert date to attend, with names like Travis Kelce and Kevin Costner raving that they love the country-turned-pop sensation’s music.

Stephen A. revealed on The Stephen A. Smith Show that he had to track down a pretty hefty amount of tickets:

“Now you all know that Taylor Swift, (she’s) doing concerts all over the country. I have two daughters, (and) teenagers have friends.

And so when your dad is perceived as having money, and you got daughters that open their mouths and promises them (their friends) that daddy’s going to get them tickets…”

Hopefully you are familiar with Smith’s vocal cadence and can imagine reading this next part in a way that Stephen A. has made an art form over the years he’s been on TV. The sports analyst shared just how many tickets he had to purchase, and the shocking amount of money that they set him back:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I had to get ten tickets. Them damn things was $2,000 a piece. Two times ten is $20,000 dollars.”

Always love a quick math lesson from Stephen A. Smith. The way he delivers that last line is award worthy. He continues by saying that with the price of the tickets, he wanted to see what all of the hype was about:

“Not only did I send my daughters back to the concert, Daddy actually went with them. Me, at a Taylor Swift concert…but I said ‘I’m gonna go see her.”

And in quite possibly the most shocking moment of the clip, Stephen A. reveals that the concert experience was one that he’ll never forget:

“That’s the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life. Excuse my language, but that sh*t was off the chain. Taylor Swift brought the damn house down.”

Apparently the $20,000 entry fee was worth the price (let’s be honest, that’s not a lot for Smith), and even converted Stephen A. into a “Swiftie,” though he never came out specifically and called himself that:

“I was jamming to Taylor Swift. She was sensational. I’d pay to see her again. Seriously, I’m not joking. She was a superstar that night. That girl is special.”

Yeah, it’s safe to say go ahead and call him “Stephen A. Swiftie.”

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