Alaskan Brown Bear Nicknamed “Shower Bear” Utilizes Unique Fishing Method To Bring In Salmon

Shower Bear

Try and find me a better nickname for a bear other than “Shower Bear.”

Seriously, I’ll wait…

This bear is also apparently nicknamed Bucky Dent, which is the name of a former famous baseball player and manager. I like the nickname “Shower Bear” better, though naming bears after baseball players is something I could get behind (Yogi Berra, Mike Trout, etc.).

What is it about the nickname “Shower Bear” that makes it such a good name for a bear? Is it the fact that it connotes cleanliness, and imagining a bear taking showers is a funny visual? Or is it the fact that it’s so close to “Shower Beer,” which is one of the best places you can drink a beer?

It could be because of the actual reason that the bear is nicknamed “Shower Bear,” which stems from the unique fishing technique that the bear utilizes. Most bears sit on the side of the river, or even right up at the top where the waterfall starts, to bring in salmon and other fish out the water. This one decides to do something a little bit different…

“Shower Bear” is playing chess while all the other bears are playing checkers. The smart wild animal simply sits right underneath the water fall, allowing for the fish to come from both directions. If a fish is jumping up over the running water, the bear is right there to snatch it out of the air. If a fish is going with the stream and falls over the water fall, “Shower Bear” is waiting right there with open paws.

It’s honestly one of the smartest innovations in fishing I’ve ever seen, and dare I say that this bear is doing it “the American Way?” What I mean by that is this: the bear was doing a task, and at one point asked itself:

“How can I do this and be just as successful, but do half the work?”

That right there might as well be the slogan of our great country, and could be the tagline for Shower Bear’s 2024 presidential campaign. With all of the options that we’ve had in recent years, I would honestly consider voting a hungry, fish-seeking bear into office. What could go wrong?

Especially if “Shower Bear” is in charge. Clearly the wild beast has a way in innovating and streamlining, which are words I’m always hearing when smart people are talking about improving the economy and the stock market.

Take a look at “Shower Bear” getting after some fish in this Alaskan river below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock