10-Foot Alligator Tries To Scale Wall Of Florida Home In The Middle Of The Night

Florida alligator

I know Florida has a lot of a great amenities to offer, like warm weather, seemingly endless beaches, and Disney World, but it’s videos like these that make me say “yeah, I’ll never live there.”

Imagine enjoying your nice Florida home and hearing a bump in the night. Your significant other would probably elbow you to go investigate, so you reluctantly grab a flashlight and your weapon of choice (probably a random golf club that was laying around) and venture out towards the danger.

You figure out that the banging sound is coming from outside, and a million possibilities race through your mind of what it could be. Is there someone trying to climb up on the roof and break in through an upstairs window? Is a tree branch blowing in the wind and making it sound like someone, or something, is knocking on the wall?

I’d bet that you could sit there and run through a million potential outcomes and you wouldn’t ever guess that an alligator is trying to scale the wall on the side of your house. However, you are in Florida, so that kind of thing might need to be expected considering some of the other crazy stories that come out of the state.

And that kind of “crazy thing” actually did happen, because this 10-foot alligator was trying to straight up climb the wall of this home, and no one knows why. To be honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a gator try to climb anything at all. So I’m not sure how I would react if I walked out my back door and shined my flashlight at the noise, revealing an alligator trying to scale a wall like its Spiderman.

In the video, it looks like the alligator is really trying to get up on that roof. Why? I have no idea, but it’s terrifying that it looks like it is doing so on purpose. It never manages to get a real great grip and climb successfully, but it looks like if it stuck with it, the gator could have probably figured it out.

Alligators have apparently been known to climb stairs, fences, trees, and anything else they can get a decent grip on with their claws. I guess we can add “houses in Florida” to that list as well. The footage was shot by someone who just so happened to be passing by the home when the gator was attempting the daunting wall climb.

Take a look:

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