Watch Parents Hilariously Juke, Stiff-Arm, & Truck Stick Their Kids At Youth Football Practice

Youth Football practice
Youth Football Network

I mean it when I say I’m desperate for some football.

Considering there’s been nothing to watch on TV besides MLB baseball, and the reruns of the professional cornhole tournament in Myrtle Beach on ESPN every night, I need some football on my TV almost like I need water.

So, how have I been filling the void?

Mindlessly watching football highlights and videos on YouTube and TikTok until I can finally watch an actual football game on TV or in person…

And that led me to this incredible gem.

Imagine being an eight year old kid playing your first official season of tackle football, and your coach gives you the opportunity you’ve been dying for your whole life…

To meet your parent in the hole during football practice, and get to tackle them.

Unfortunately, this is probably the parent’s dream too.

Luckily, for one eight and under youth football team, the coaches had the incredible idea of bringing this idea to life, and the results were EPIC.

One dad lowers his shoulder and absolutely obliterates his son with the old fashioned truck stick. A mom pushes her son down with ease and then stands over him and taunts him. Another dad casually hurdles his kid with his hand in his pocket, a number get juked out of their shoes, and one kid even eats a brutal stiff-arm from mom.

This is comedic gold, and you already know the parents loved every part of this.

Shoutout to these coaches, they’re the real MVPs for this one.

That being said, if your unathletic mom is breaking your ankles, you better get back to the fundamentals of tackling, kid.

Check it out:

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