Man Nails A Black Bear With A Dodgeball To Get It Out Of His Driveway

Black bear dodgeball
Bar Quickly

Nailed it.

Whatever works, I guess…

There’s one thing that is for sure, and that is… if there’s black bears around and you have accessible garbage, they are going to get into it.

That’s just a black bears life, they walk around and find food to eat. They are a creature that can weigh up to 600 pounds and hibernates for part of the year, of course they need to eat a lot.

But black bears take it to another level and are notorious for breaking into things, from cars, houses and garages, and perhaps their all-time favorite… trash cans. In many states where bear populations are plentiful, they will even have locks on their garbage cans to keep them out. They will get into anything that they think has a crumb for them to lick up.

This can become a problem if they get accustomed to humans. They lose their fear and may even get aggressive becoming dangerous.

Bears are cool, but nobody wants them tearing through garbage on their property.

So, this fella took things into his own hands in a not so normal way.

A black bear is seen rummaging through his garbage right in the middle of his driveway. It’s unclear if the trash was pulled from the vehicle, or from cans near the house, but nevertheless, the bear is going to town right there in the drive.

The man on out of nowhere just beams the black bear with a dodgeball. I’m talking square in the chops. The bear just turns and looks at him like “WTF, bro?” until he starts yelling at it. Eventually, it decides to shuffle off and leave.

Whatever ya gotta do, right?

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