Kayaker Stunned To See Humpback Whale Tail Sticking Straight Out Of The Water

Whale Tail
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Yep, if I was this guy, I would’ve thought I somehow ended up in a scene from Interstellar.

Imagine this…

You’re kayaking out in the ocean, enjoying the peacefulness at sea, when all of a sudden you see a strange object shaped as a T emerge from the ocean. As you get closer, you realize it’s a humpback whale tail sticking straight up out of the water, completely motionless.

Australian Youtuber Brodie Moss encountered one of these incredibly strange situations, and caught it all on video.

As he approached the whale tail, you can hear him say:

“My heart is beating so fast. I think that’s a whale tail. It has just come up and stuck its tale up and is not going anywhere…

I don’t even know what to say… What the hell, I don’t want to get too close.”

You can also see a much smaller whale swimming around the submerged whale tail.

A wild scene, nonetheless.

However, there is somewhat of an explanation for this, as the term for whale’s move like this is called “tail sailing.”

Although scientists aren’t 100% sure why whales do this, it typically occurs with a mother and her calves.

According to IFL Science, she could be resting as the calf swims nearby. Whales have also been known to sleep in this position at times, and while rested in this position, the creature’s mammary glands are able to squirt milk into the calf’s mouth.

The whale could also be cooling down, and can sit in this position for 15 minutes, and sometimes as much as many hours.

Nevertheless, there is still no 100% explanation as to why the whale was in this position in this video.

Check it out:

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