Texas Dad And His Son Measure 16-Foot Deep Crack In Their Yard

Texas crack
The Pair Of Spades

Man, I know it’s been hot but I didn’t know it was splinter the earth hot.

Like most people, we’ve been paying attention to the wild heat wave that swept through the United States over the past few weeks. Pretty much every state was swamped with over 100 degree days, including Texas, where we got one of the all-time great weatherman quotes from a screen malfunction.

Well, turns out that the heat was so bad that the soil started splitting, which is also caused by a lack of rain.

This father decided to go out with his song to measure one of these cracks that formed in their yard and I am blown away with just how deep it was. Granted, I don’t have experience with this growing up in the north, but I was expected maybe a couple feet and was very incorrect.

Before the video started, the dad and his son fed a tape measure down deep and when they finally hit the bottom the crack measured 15 feet, 6 inches.

That’s right, 15 and a half feet. Over a basketball hoop and a half. Over three feet longer than the world record broad jump. A few inches longer than a Hummer H1.

Can’t imagine not seeing one of these when walking through the yard and your leg snaps in 15 different places while falling to China.

Maybe even the crazier part is what the son said when he reeled the tape measure in.

“It wasn’t even bending either, it just went straight down.”

Meaning this thing could be much deeper and they just got snagged on a rock or something.

Crazy things happening in the great state of Texas.

Let’s hope you guys get some rain.

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