Massive Tape Worm Wiggles Out Of Shaking Brown Bear In Disgusting Video

Bear tape worm
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Nature is wild, you never know what you’re gonna get, but you can be sure that it will shock you.

Nature can be beautiful, horrible, kind and disgusting, and everything in between.

These animals have it rough out there. Their whole lives are centered around finding their next meal, or not becoming a predator’s next meal. All while they have to fend off hunters, competition, disease and any weather that is thrown at them. It’s a tough world in the wild.

Bears always find a way to survive, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have it hard. In many areas bears are at the top of the food chain with nothing that hunts them.  They are abled creatures that find food everywhere.

Even though they are some of the best out there at surviving they still have it rough. Bears work hard for their food but still struggle in some cases. They also carry many parasites and can host massive tapeworms.

The tapeworms are relatively harmless and are picked up from the bears eating many salmon in the rivers. The bears live at peace with them until their body tries to pass the worm.

That leads to some wild and disgusting videos. I mean, have a look for yourself…

The worm is seen coming right out of the bears ass. As the bear shakes so does the worm.

Gives me the willies

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