Man Sneaks Up On Bison With A Baby In His Arms At Yellowstone National Park

Bison baby
Tourons Of Yellowstone

The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

I’ve probably watched a hundred videos of moron tourists, or “tourons” for short, doing some absolutely outrageous things at National Parks just to get up close and personal to the wildlife for the perfect kodak moment…

And little do they know that these moves could risk serious injury, or even death. But nah, people still continue to do stupid sh*t anyways, just like this guy.

A video is currently going viral of a man visiting Yellowstone National Park, sneaking around a corner to get a close up, good look at a bison.

And perhaps the worst part?

He’s holding a small child while he’s doing it.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this could end horribly.

Getting within 25 yards of a bison is already dangerous enough in itself, because the second that creature feels threatened, it could easily run up on you and gore you.

But sneaking up behind a bison?

That’s a death sentence. Not to mention, this guy is putting this kid in serious danger.

When you startle a bison, they tend to come at you even harder than they would if it saw you coming.

You just can’t fix stupid, I reckon…

Check it out:

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