Riley Green To Release Longtime Fan-Favorite “Mississippi or Me” Tonight

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Riley Green is releasing the longtime fan-favorite “Mississippi or Me” tonight at midnight, likely the lead single from his forthcoming (unofficially announced) sophomore studio album.

It’s a song that he’s known to play at live shows every now and then, and has also shared little teasers of on Instagram before, and I’ve personally loved this song for a long time, so I’m really excited we’re finally getting the studio cut.

The subject matter finds Riley wondering if the girl who broke his heart came back because she couldn’t live without him, or because she missed her home in Mississippi and everything else in the Magnolia State.

He shared a post on Instagram saying he knows how long fans have been waiting for him to record this song, and he’s ready to deliver:

“Y’all have been wanting this one for a while now… ‘Mississippi Or Me’ will be out tonight at midnight ET.”

Riley revealed a few weeks ago that a new project is coming in October, but we don’t have any further details on a release date, tracklist, album cover, or anything else of that nature.

Stay tuned…

He also shared a different acoustic teaser of “Mississippi or Me” yesterday:

And here’s that first viral video where you can hear the whole song:

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