Koe Wetzel Scores Very First Platinum Record With “Drunk Driving”

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Koe Wetzel’s single “Drunk Driving,” from his 2020 major label debut album Sellout, was just certified Platinum by the RIAA, a first for the Texas native.

This essentially means that he’s sold a helluva lot of records, and the song has moved over one million units since it was released a few years ago:

“Drunk Driving” was a solo write by Koe and produced by Taylor Kimball, and tells the story of a man who finds himself in a dark place, doing wrong and feeling like there’s nowhere to turn.

He admits in the lyrics that he also knows he shouldn’t drive under the influence, but feels so apathetic about life that he doesn’t seem to really care that much:

“Yeah, I’m just drunk driving again
Pulling away from all my sins
Tell my momma I love her and take care of my friends
When I’m out drunk driving again”

I remember hearing at one time or another Koe say his label and team were hesitant about putting this song out, as it’s obviously about very touchy subject matter, but it quickly became a fan-favorite upon release and clearly was the right call and has continued to be successful for a couple years now.

Koe is currently out on his Road to Hell Paso tour pretty much through the end of this year, and most recently put out his Hell Paso record last fall.

A huge congratulations to Koe and his team on the very first Platinum record, and here’s to many, many more to come in the future.

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“Drunk Driving”

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