Bison Gores Yellowstone National Park Visitor, Launches Him High Into A Tree

Bison gores Yellowstone

My God…

I mean, at some point you just stop feeling sorry for people who do really dumb stuff.

And I don’t know how many times people need to be reminded, but stay away from bison when you’re in a national park.

About 5,000 bison roam Yellowstone National Park, and even at half capacity right now after severe flooding, there is still countless morons that can’t wait to run up and pet one like they’re at the county fair.

We’ve seen two people gored in a week, and another earlier this year… and that doesn’t include all the bozos you manage to escape from the charging beast, or duck behind a car.

And let’s be honest, this is nothing new…

Since Yellowstone opened its doors, people have been doing dumb stuff.

Take this video from back in the day… it’s hard to tell exactly then it was filmed but judging by the picture quality it has to be quite a while back.

But regardless, this guy gets the bright idea to go tangle with a bison and literally gets launched into a tree.

We’re talking like 10 feet in the air, flipping around out of control, crashing back down through the branches… and all of with just the slightest flick of the head.

The man emerged with only a wound to the leg, presumably from the horn, but damn dude, what did you think was gonna happen?

Lucky the injuries were not more severe…

Herd Of Bison Surround Camper’s Tent

That would scare the life out of you after a sleep in your tent.

Imagine waking up in Yellowstone and seeing whole herd surrounding your campsite would give you the biggest scare ever.

Bison are massive and have the potential to get mad and run you right over. This is the opposite of what you want when you go to one of these parks, but it is just one of the risks of seeing some really cool stuff.

At least these folks are intelligent.

The video starts with a whole herd surround a tent set out in the wild, with one bison laying down and rolling onto its back. The person who formerly occupied the tent is filming and starts to debrief us on what is taking place.

“This is Slough Creek 2021, Bison rut. Our back-country campsite has been taken over. We had to evacuate our tent when we heard the ruckus coming. And now we sit and wait.”

Talk about a wild morning…you’ve gotta think a herd of bison would make you up more than you’re typical morning coffee.

The man makes light of the whole situation

“Ironically the kids were asking me earlier if I ever had bison near my tent”

Should have knocked on wood. That is bound to happen after something like that is said.

The bison roll round and surround the campsite as the camper figures there are more than 300.

I just can’t imagine waking up to the sound of them coming in. That would bring you to your feet pretty quick.

Good thing the campers were smart and made distance from these large beasts.

Bison Railroads Another Bison, Leaves It To Wolves

You know that old Tracy Lawrence song, “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” featuring Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney?

Well, this bison found out the hard way that he didn’t have any…

This is a pretty old video, perhaps somewhere up in Canada… I don’t really know, and at the end of the day, it’s really not that important.

What is import is that we got a herd of bison getting attacked by a hungry pack of wolves.

The littler fella has got the whole pack on his ass, and it’s not looking good. The entire pack is swarming him, taking bites here and there, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before this young bison becomes lunch for the wolfpack.

But then, a much bigger, absolute UNIT of a bison tries to help? Or leave the youngster for dead… it’s impossible to tell.

Running through the pack of wolves AND the other bison, he absolutely railroads everybody on the scene, leaving his fellow bison at the mercy of the wolfpack.

If he was trying to help, he made things a lot, lot worse…

Either way, I (and the rest of the internet) laughed way too hard at this.

Survival of the fittest is a mf’er, huh?

Here’s the full scene:

And for old times’ sake…

Bison Stampede Stops Cars At Yellowstone National Park

My kinda traffic jam.

You never know what you’re gonna see at Yellowstone. While traveling through the park in Wyoming, one parkgoer found herself in the middle of a full blown bison stampede.

“I was just driving through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming for a lovely fall adventure when the bison – as we often see happen – decided to conduct traffic their own way.”

Pretty damn cool. A bit nerve-racking, but still… really damn cool. And so far, this viral encounter has racked up nearly 2 million views on Facebook.

If you’ve haven’t made it out to Yellowstone yet, put that one on your bucket list (and then scratch it off) ASAP.

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