Bear Tries To Tightrope Walk Tree Branch To Get To Bird Feeder

bear climbs tree

Bears sometimes have to get creative to track down food, but they sometimes have a little too much confidence in their abilities.

It’s either that, or they don’t realize how large they actually are, with both usually leading to hilarious hi-jinx. The bear in this video had its eyes set on a bird feeder, and it was just out of its reach.

Whoever owned the bird feeder strategically placed it hanging high up on a tree so that wild animals couldn’t get to it. A pretty smart move for sure, but I do wonder how they would refill it when they need to. I’m guessing they get a ladder out every time (which seems like it would get old), or maybe they have one of those high-reach hooks that retail stores have to get shirts that are higher up off the rack.

Sorry, I can get sidetracked with random thoughts, I’ll get back to the topic at hand, which is the fact that this bear was exploring all of its options trying to find a way to get to this bird feeder. Its first attempt was to stand up on its tippy-toes and swing its big paw at the hanging feeder, but that didn’t work out.

So then the bear, still standing on its hind legs, looks over at the tree and hatches an idea. I’m assuming it was using this logic:

“If the bird feeder is hanging from the tree, I just need to get into the tree to get it.”

Not a terrible thought, but as you’ll see in the footage, it doesn’t exactly work out all that well. The bear goes over to the skinny tree and starts to work its way up it with ease. You can hear the bear’s sharp claws scratching into the bark of the tree as it shimmies up to the flimsy branch that the bird feeder hangs from.

At first, the bear tries to climb on the branch while hanging upside down from it, but it quickly figures out that the Mission Impossible style strategy isn’t going to work out. The bear’s deep breathing can be heard in the video at this point, tired from climbing up the tree while also being frustrated by the difficult task at hand (or paw).

So the bear then decides that it will try to get upright and walk on the thin branch instead. Admittedly a better idea than the first one it had, but still one that probably isn’t going to end well. The visual of the big bear trying to balance on the four inch wide branch is about as funny as it gets.

The bear then also decides that trying to tightrope walk across the branch isn’t the answer either, so it quickly transitions into an upright-hanging strategy and begins to work its way out towards the end of the limb where the bird feeder hangs. What transpires is almost straight out out a cartoon, with the branch comedically bending more and more as the bear gets farther out on it.

When the bear finally gets to the bird feeder and reaches for it, the weight of the animal has bent the branch and feeder to where its only a few feet off the ground. The bear makes one last grab for it, and just as it does, the limb snaps right off and sends the branch, the bear, and the bird feeder tumbling down to the ground in a chaotic heap.

The bear falls right on its butt, though fortunately for the animal, it was only a few feet off the ground. Once it regains its “bear-ings” (sorry about that), it quickly gets to work on cracking the feeder open. And while it is doing that, two bear cubs come out of nowhere to join in on the bird feeder feast.

The video is hilarious, and goes to show you why you really can’t leave anything (and I mean anything) outside your home if you live out in bear country.

Take a look:

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