Yorkie Defends Backyard From Massive Black Bear

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When Little Man’s Syndrome is useful for once…

When watching this video, I have a boxing announcer’s voice running through my head saying the following:

“On top of the fence, we have a 600-pound black bear with claws that can slash through any flesh and jaws that can snap your bone in one bite.

And coming up to defend his title is a seven-pound Yorkie, with a yappy bark and perfectly groomed hair…”

The bear was more than likely curious to see what was going on in this man’s backyard, and shimmied up the tree to take a peek at what was happening. Based on the fact it was a nice day, I bet this couple was grilling, and the smells attracted the bear, hoping for some scraps.

It’s a tale as old as time: Bears hoping to find some easily accessible food in urban areas.

Little did the bear know he would be squared up with a ferocious Yorkie.

The dog looks at the bear as the owner calls him back up. After a few seconds, the bear attempts to swat at the dog as he is perched at the wooden fence.

After the swat, it was game on for the Yorkie. He starts snapping and giving his most ferocious growls toward the bear.

All while his owner is trying to call him back to safety. However, this dog was not giving up.

Eventually, the bear retreats, sliding down the tree behind the fence, and the Yorkie remains fully intact. And thank goodness, had that gone another way, it would have been a heartbreaking day for the dog’s owners.

This Yorkie gives true meaning to the saying:

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

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Florida Man Wrestles Black Bear On Front Porch To Defend His Dogs

Black bears are certainly one of the most curious creatures in America.

While they’re certainly quite scary when the right moment strikes (like this wild boar discovered), they can also be pretty entertaining, breaking into houses to play piano or going on family dumpster diving excursions.

Well, this Florida Man didn’t know which type of black bear he was about to square up with when he walked onto his Daytona Beach porch one January night.

At least one of the man’s dogs was out on the porch with him, which may have been the reason a black bear decided to make its way over, potentially looking to scoop up the pup for a midnight snack.

But the second the predator burst through the door, Florida Man went into defensive mode.

The man (actual name Walt Hickox) immediately lowered his level and shot a takedown at the bear to block the entrance. After a couple harrowing seconds, the bear breaks away and he’s able to push a bench in front of the doorway, grab his dog, and get back in the house.

Walt later spoke to WFTV9 about the incident.

“Not a lot went through my head at the moment, other than what’s going to happen if he gets past me and into the house where the rest of my dogs and my wife was at.”

He seemed to avoid serious injury, but was under treatment for a bite wound and rabies.

There’s two lessons learned here: keep your small dogs away from black bears and never, I mean never, mess with a Florida Man.

Brave Farm Dog Scares Off Massive Black Bear In New Hampshire

For us humans, the majority of us would never even think about walking in the path of a massive bear, knowing that the creature could rip us to shreds at any given moment. Especially, if it’s a mother bear, and her cubs are close by.

But dogs, on the other hand? They’ll typically on take massive bears without even thinking twice.

I guess ignorance is bliss… until poor Fido gets mauled by a bear because he got a little too big for his britches.

We’ve seen it a few times already, like the golden retriever named “Pretty,” that fought off a brown bear at her home in Sitka, Alaska, and the seven-month-old puppy that scared off another brown bear in Romania.

And here we are with another example, with this one coming out of North Havervill, New Hampshire.

In the video, you can see a massive black bear sitting at the front door, and hanging out on the front porch.

However, the family’s farm dog doesn’t miss a beat, and runs out and barks at the bear for a while, going toe to toe with it. Staring the bear down, getting right its face and growling, this dog wasn’t having any of it.

And thankfully, black bears tend to back down from confrontation more easily than grizzlies.

The bear, who could make short work of the dog if it really wanted to, actually looks quite scared of the dog and decides it doesn’t want any of the big dog smoke.

According to the owner, the dog is known for protecting other animals on the farm, and is fearless from larger predators.

“Our farm dog, who protects the animals, is fearless of big bears.”

While black bears are the only bears found in new Hampshire, they are quite plentiful. It’s estimated that over 6,000 live in the state, and for one of the small states in the country, that actually makes the population quite dense.

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