Wild Video Shows Hunting Base Camp Surrounded By Howling Wolf Pack

Getty Images

Wild stuff.

That would be so bone chillingly beautiful to experience. Sometimes nature just doing what it’s known to do is enough to have that wow factor.

Wolves are amazing creatures all around. Very few creatures have their intelligence. These wild dogs, that can weigh up to 150 pounds, use their brains to have a better life out there. They live in packs with clear established leaders to help ensure survival for the whole group.

They have complex hunting strategies that help them take out more predators, keeping the pack well fed. Their strength in numbers also helps them fight off any predators with ease.

Wolves howling in packs is an iconic symbol across North America. They do it for many reasons like communication, being social or territory establishment. Regardless of the reason, hearing a wolf howl is a spectacular event.

These folks got a front row seat to the treat of a lifetime while they were in the backcountry hunting.

The people are seen set up at their base camp as the wolves go crazy. A whole pack of wolves is howling and seems to be fully surrounding them.

Ya gotta love it.

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