Two Moose Clash Antlers In Colorado Driveway, Fight Winds Up In The Bed Of A Truck

moose fight
Charley Lodwick

I’d like to see someone step between these two moose and try to break up this fight.

Moose often battle with one another over territory or a potential mate, and though many would assume they are trying to injure the other with their massive antlers, they are actually just attempting to see which of them can push the other the hardest.

And apparently whatever these two males were fighting over was close to this person’s house and vehicles, because the moose were going after one another like there was a million dollars on the line. There was absolutely no regard for the person’s property at all from the two wild animals.

The clip picks up right in the middle of the fight with the two moose clanking their antlers together and pushing one another into the low hanging branches of the trees by this Colorado driveway. As the battle ensues, one of the large animals gets knocked to the ground by the other and pinned up against the vehicle on the other side of the truck.

You can hear the paint being scratched right off and the car being dented by the still-standing moose’s antlers. And at one point, a violent lifting of its head sends the car’s side mirror flying up into the night sky. Not sure insurance will cover that one…

The moose that had gotten knocked down uses all of its might to get back up, and begins to push back rather successfully on the other. Both of the massive beasts end up back over by the trees for a short moment, right before the fight is brought back over to the where the vehicles are parked.

That’s when one of the moose, in an attempt to get away from the other (or to gain leverage), jumps into the back of the truck. In the process, it gets its antlers stuck in the truck bed. After spending a couple of seconds wiggling free, the moose then backs down out of the truck and the fight continues.

The video cuts off right there, and I’m assuming it is because the person filming didn’t want to potentially get caught up in between the two moose. It’s probably best for the two of them just to work it out.

In the clip below, along with the details I just described, you’ll also hear a man and a woman providing commentary on the moose fight. For the purpose of the article, we’ll just say it was a husband and wife, and this is what they had to say as the heavyweight matchup took place right in front of them:

Husband: “Hey man, there’s two moose out here fighting by my damn truck.”

Wife: “Tell them to move baby.”

Husband: “The hell am I gonna say to a moose? What the hell’s wrong with you?”

Wife: “Go tell them to move baby.”

Husband: “I can’t tell a moose to move. What are they fighting for? They’ve been tearing up every damn thing.”

Wife: “Go tell them to mooooove.”

Husband: “Ahh, get out the back of my truck! I can’t believe this. We shouldn’t have moved out here.”

Check out the hilarious clip below:

And as it turns out, that video above is actually a very well done (and believable) voiceover added onto the footage.

As funny as the commentary was that provided during the moose smackdown, the actual video actually only features the sounds of the moose taking each other on and smacking up against the surrounding trees, and the person’s car and truck.

Take a look:

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