Red Back Spider Ties Up Western Brown Snake After Intense Struggle

Snake spider
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This YouTube comment sums up my thoughts perfectly…

“I am confused as to how the food chain in Australia works”

The land down under is home to an astounding number of creatures that will take you out without warning.

Sharks, snakes, spiders, box jellyfish, heck just the fact that Australian Geographic has a Top 30 most dangerous animals list speaks volumes…

Now, if you asked me before watching this video who would be higher on the food chain, snakes or spiders, I think most people would join me in saying snakes.

They’re way bigger, stronger, and faster, so I’d just assume they have no problems dealing with spiders.


A video from Yuna, Australia shows a red back spider catching a western brown snake in its web and putting in some work to win the fight.

Right from the jump, something has to be said for the strength of the web. That snake was thrashing around with everything it had to absolutely no avail.

Then, we have to acknowledge the effort the spider put in to secure the meal.

Up and down, trying to get to the head, regrouping, reattacking, it was relentless and shows yet again that we have it so much easier than literally every wild animal on earth.

In the end, the spider took the victory and had what I assume will be a near lifetime of food.

Kinda wish the video showed a time lapse of what happens next. Does it cocoon the whole thing? Leave it for dead? Use it as bait to draw in easier to munch on insects?

There’s a whole lot of questions left on the table, but also one big answer.

Don’t mess with a red back spider…

Praying Mantis Grabs Humming Bird Right Off The Feeder

Holy sh…

I never would have thought a bug would be picking hummingbirds out of mid air, right off the feeder.

But here I stand corrected…

Praying mantises might just be the craziest bugs on planet Earth, known for their distinctive, rotating triangular heads, their long, spindly legs, and them big ol’ claw-like front legs.

These insects are known for their amazing hunting abilities, with a diet that consists mainly of other insects, but they are also known to take out much larger prey.

Mantises will eat spiders, frogs, lizards and even small birds.

Like hummingbirds…

Skilled hunters that use their camouflage and lightning-fast reflexes to ambush their prey, they use their long, serrated front legs to grasp their prey and hold it in place while they feed. They are also capable of turning their heads completely around to keep a close eye on their prey, which makes them incredibly effective hunters.

Praying mantises are highly adaptable insects that are able to thrive in a variety of habitats, from forests and meadows to gardens and urban areas. They are also able to adapt their hunting strategies to suit their environment, switching from ambush hunting to stalking or pursuit when necessary.

These are some killer bugs.

Exhibit A:

This praying mantis is seen hanging out on the hummingbird feeder as a hummingbird comes in for a feed.

The unsuspecting bird hovers and drinks in the sweet water, and boom… the praying mantis strikes. It nails the bird, and clamps down as the bird tries to fly away. But, the mantis uses every bit of grip and holds on to both the bird and the feeder.

It gains control and quickly has itself a meal in one of the most impressive hunts I have ever seen take place in the wild.

You don’t need to go to Africa to see some wild, National Geographic kind of animal encounters…. just look in your own backyard.

Big Spider Sends Car Full Of Wedding Guests Into Full Blown Panic


According to The Sun, a woman and her four daughters were on their way to a wedding when they discovered a spider inside the car.

And naturally, they panicked like most people would at the thought of a spider in their already jam-packed car.

But this wasn’t just any spider… this was kind of spider that would make a grown man cry.

I mean, how do you not just drive that thing right off a cliff? Into a lake? Dive right out of the car into on coming traffic?

Gotta love Australia though… where pretty much everything that crawls on the ground will kill you.

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