Florida Woman Stunned Watching Alligator Drag Rotting Gator Carcass Across Lake

Alligator drags another

If you’re one of those conspiracy theorists that are fully convinced we’re living in the twilight zone, here’s further ammunition for you.

According to the Miami Herald, Dawn Jarman was on the way to celebrating her birthday in Lake Apopka, Florida, when she noticed a rotting alligator that appeared to be dead start to move again…

Zombie gator? No.

Once she got a closer look, she realized the nine to 10-foot alligator was in the mouth of an even bigger gator, that was taking the carcass across the lake.

Jarman discussed the wild scene:

“I was with two friends and we just happened to drive up at the right time. We were freaking out, of course, because it was a National Geographic moment.

My friends and I thought that it was just a dead gator sitting in the water. As soon as we stopped the car to look at it, it started moving and we realized there was another gator holding onto the tail, we were freaking out to say the least.

There were quite a few excitable four-letter words.”

Jarman believes that the gators were probably battling over territory, and the smaller gator got the short end of the stick on this battle.

She also noted that the carcass gave off a “putrid” smell, but was still fully intact, meaning that it had probably only been dead for no more than a couple of days.

At first glance, I thought it was just some kind of piebald gator (is that a thing?).

Needless to say, this is a scene Jarman and her friends will never forget.

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