Tampa Mayor Finds $1.1 Million Worth Of Cocaine Floating In Ocean While On Fishing Trip

drug bust
US Border Patrol

Jane Castor is doing big things on Florida’s west coast.

It’s pretty hard for a mayor to make truly major impacts, but Tampa’s mayor did just that last month while fishing for mahi-mahi in the Florida Keys.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, Castor was on a boat with her family when she spotted a large package floating in the water. When they went over to investigate, they discovered it contained 70 pounds of cocaine.

She saved the location on her watch as her family hauled the package in and then contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. Border Patrol was then called in and they took custody of the drugs.

Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Adam Hoffner had the following to say

“We appreciate the ongoing support from our boating community. Thanks to the efforts of this Good Samaritan, 70 pounds of cocaine are in federal custody and off our streets. We encourage the community to immediately report suspicious activity to local authorities.”

Turns out, this “Good Samaritan” has 31 years of experience with the Tampa Police Department under her belt, having served in nearly every capacity, including 8 years in narcotics and as Tampa’s first ever female Chief of Police, and in nearly every neighborhood in the city.

What a catch.

Definitely not what you’re expecting or hoping to see at sea, but good that Jane knew what it was and was able to get in contact with the proper authorities to have it taken care of.

She spent the remainder of her trip on the water and while she didn’t get anymore drugs, she did catch around 60 lobsters.

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