Mama Bear And Her Cubs Cool Off In California Backyard Pool During Heat Wave

black bear California
Arcadia Bacyard Wildlife

Nothing better than jumping in a cool pool when the weather is hot.

As you’ve probably experienced first hand, huge portions of the United States have been in a major heatwave over the past few weeks.

Death Valley reached nearly an all-time high and most regions of the country experienced over 100 degree temperatures, leading people everywhere to stay inside and hope the power grid holds up from the extra A/C demand.

But it wasn’t just people trying to find ways to beat the heat, even the animals realized they needed some help, like we see in this video from Arcadia, California.

A local resident took a video of a mama black bear and her two cubs climbing down an embankment and into their backyard, where the bears jumped in the pool to cool down.

The mother was the first to hop in, her cubs seemed a bit tentative at first, but after a little coaxing, all three were in and swimming around, enjoying a bit of refreshment.

At one point, the cubs walked over to the sliding glass door the person was filming behind and started playing with some shoes, just like a puppy would. Super cute, but also not great if it’s your favorite pair of sneakers or slides.

Eventually, the mama bear came over to collect her kids and they hoped over the fence and ran off to do whatever else was on the agenda for the day.

Talk about a great scene right in your backyard.

While bears are undoubtedly very dangerous, they’re also some of the most fascinating creatures out there.

Just make sure your daughter doesn’t try to pet them

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