Golfer’s Hole-In-One Picture Leads To Arrest For Aggravated Manslaughter After He Punched An 87-Year Old Florida Man

Golfer arrested
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Of course this story comes out of Florida…

A few days ago, a man was arrested after a picture of him celebrating a hole-in-one lead to him being identified as a suspect in the murder of an 87 year old man.

According to Fox59, Robert Moore took a picture at Tarpon Boil Executive Golf Course in the villages after he scored a hole-in-one back in February. Obviously, that’s a major accomplishment and you deserve to have a picture to memorialize the moment, but that photo eventually lead to his downfall.

On June 28th, police were called to a vehicle accident at Glenview Country Club. According to the victim’s wife, Moore was pulling into a parking spot when he hit a parked black Lexus with his car, causing minor damage. Moore then exited the car and approached the 87 year old, who he believed was the owner of the Lexus, screaming at him that he hit his car. He punched the man multiple times before realizing that the car was not his and then he took off.

When deputies arrived and began interviewing the victim, he began slurring his words and stumbling, which caused them to call EMS. He was taken to a hospital where it was discovered he suffered a brain bleed. He succumbed to his injury and passed away on July 16th.

Authorities were able to get a name for the suspect from credit card records but it was the hole-in-one picture that got authorities the visual confirmation to track down the man and arrest him.

He was charged with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person.

What a disgusting individual.

I get that he’s not the youngest guy himself, but anyone who punches as 87 year old for any reason is a complete scumbag.

Fortunately, he was able to be tracked down and will face the full brunt of the legal system… let’s hope justice prevails in this one.

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