Brianna Chickenfry Says It’s “Just Dudes” Who Congratulate Her On New Relationship With Zach Bryan

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Zach Bryan and Brianna Chickenfry set the internet ablaze a few weeks ago with rumors that they were in a relationship.

Not long after rumors started swirling, Bri confirmed they were an item during an episode of her podcast PlanBri Uncut a couple weeks ago, saying they were “casually hanging out”:

They both attended the ACM Awards in May, where they first met, and Zach took home the trophy for ACM New Male Artist of the Year too.

On her podcast episode titled The Cat’s Out of the Bag, Bri first addressed the rumors, saying:

“I think I might have some stuff to address… I’ve been hanging out with a guy named Zach Bryan. Just gonna go ahead and say it, just hangin’ out with a guy named Zach.

Started hanging out with a guy named Zach, what, three weeks ago?

It’s fun, it’s casual, and yeah, just wanted to address it because the whole internet is freaking the f*ck out and people are doing sh*t. And yeah, that’s really it, just hangin’ out, having some fun.”

And on today’s episode of Plan Bri with co-host Grace O’Malley, she talked about attending Lalapalooza this past weekend and how funny it was that it was “just dudes” who had been congratulations her on the new romance.

She joked that none of the girls were excited for her, saying she was confused that “all these dudes wanna f*ck ZB”:

“All the dudes… It’s just dudes that come up and like, ‘Yo, congrats on dating ZB.’ I’m like, all these dudes wanna f*ck ZB? The girls aren’t even saying congrats?

Like what the f*ck is going on. It’s just all these bros being like, ‘Congrats, like, I really wish that was me.’ Like, they wish they were me dating him not the other way.

I’m like, what is going on? It’s so funny…”

Zach definitely has a hardcore fanbase, and of course is loved by all different kinds of people, but it’s definitely funny to hear her talk about how much the boys love him.

You can watch her discuss it on the podcast here:

You can also watch former Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy, who also co-hosts the BFF’s podcast with Bri and Josh Richards, grill Bri on the timeline and plenty of other details about her new relationship with Zach on last weeks BFF’s episode, it’s pretty funny:

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