The College Football Coaches Poll Is Officially Out

College football
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Man, the football season is so close I can almost taste it.

I don’t know what its been about this year, but it feels like its been a century since the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl back in February, officially marking the end of college football and the NFL.

My withdrawals have been so bad, I’ve been playing Madden and watching college football highlights just to fill the void as the 2023 season crawls at a snail’s pace.

However, we’re less than a month away, and I couldn’t be more excited to roll out of bed on Saturday morning, watch College Football Gameday, crack open my first beer for the first noon game, and watch 6 straight hours of football before going to bed and starting it all over again on Sunday with the NFL.

But speaking of the 2023 college football season, we have some huge news…

The preseason coaches poll is officially out.

As you can imagine, the Georgia Bulldogs are number one, which is understandable considering the Dawgs have won the past two National Championships, and bring back a ton of talent from last season.

However, there may be some surprises on here to you…

Just see for yourself:

1. Georgia

2. Michigan

3. Alabama

4. Ohio State

5. LSU

6. Southern California

7. Penn State

8. Florida State

9. Clemson

10. Tennessee

11. Washington

12. Texas

13. Notre Dame

14. Utah

15. Oregon

16. TCU

17. Kansas State

18. Oregon State

19. Oklahoma

20. North Carolina

21. Wisconsin

22. Ole Miss

23. Tulane

24. Texas Tech

25. Texas A&M

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A beer bottle on a dock