Robber Takes A Break To Pet Homeowner’s Dog While Stealing Their Electric Bike

San Diego Police Department

Even the most hardened criminal can’t resist giving some pets to a good boy like this.

Of course this guy doesn’t really seem like a hardened criminal. More like an idiot who saw an easy opportunity to get a new bike.

Video captured by the homeowner’s security camera shows the moment a man was in the process of stealing an expensive electric bike from a garage that was left often. But he didn’t plan on getting busted: By the homeowner’s overly-friendly dog.

Now, this dog isn’t exactly the world’s best guard dog. If my dog sees somebody walk outside of her house she loses her damn mind until I get to the door to assess the situation (and then she hides behind me while she barks).

But this dog just wants some pets, and doesn’t really care where he gets them – even if it’s from somebody who’s stealing from his dad.

The good boy runs up to the man stealing the bike and immediately wins him over. I mean, he may be a criminal but he’s obviously not heartless, and who can resist giving a dog some love?

The man stops and puts the bike back momentarily to give the dog some belly scratches – and some advice for the homeowner:

“Because you’re so cool. Come here. Because you’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known. I love you too. You’re a sweetheart. I want you to come home with me.

Where’s your dad? Your dad should know not to leave your garage open.”

The thief giggles as the dog licks at his face, and marvels at all of the stuff that the homeowner has in his garage:

“You got too much sh*t in here. How do you have so much sh*t in your house?”

He then turns his attention back to the task at hand, but not before giving some more parting love to his furry friend:

“You might be the coolest dog ever.”

The San Diego Police Department posted the amusing video on Facebook asking for tips on the thief’s identity, revealing that the stolen bike is a 2019 black Electra 3-speed bicycle valued at approximately $1,300.

The police also seemed to get a kick out of the guy stopping to pet the dog:

“In a rather peculiar turn of events, as the suspect was about to make his escape, he paused to pet the household dog who had entered the garage.”

Nothing peculiar about it to me. Who can resist petting a dog whenever the opportunity arises – even in the middle of a robbery?

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