Bald Eagle Swims To Shore With Fish That’s Too Heavy To Fly Away With

bald eagle
YouTube/Joe Jorsted

Talk about working for your dinner.

Bald eagles are some pretty majestic creatures. The apex predators are equipped with some of the best tools in the animal kingdom to make them successful hunters. Their eyesight is amazing, considered to be 4 to 5 times better than the average person. These beasts can spot prey up to 3 miles away and zero in on them.

To top that off, they are fast and strong flyers, allowing them to attack with speed from above. When they finally get to their target, they latch onto them with razor sharp talons that have a steady grip.

But sometimes, they get those big talons into something that’s a little too heavy to fly off with – and then they have to improvise.

The video from Hood Canal, Washington shows an eagle gripping tightly to a fish that he’s sunk his talons into. But the fish, which the video notes is either a steelhead trout or a sea-run cutthroat trout, is just a little too heavy for the eagle to carry away.

Undeterred, the eagle is determined to feast on its catch, and begins swimming to the shore while gripping tightly to the fish so that it can chow down.

After hopping the final few feet to the shore, the eagle finally has his dinner in front of him and is ready to dig in – but that’s one mean that the bird had to work hard to earn.

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