Black Bear Takes Out A Young Cub Reminding Us All How Brutal Nature Can Be

Black bear cubs

Nature can be brutal.

That’s just the way she goes out there. These animals are very driven to do the things they need to for their survival and sometimes that is ugly.

Black bears are incredibly intelligent and are well able to survive in many landscapes. From the deep woods to the middle of town, they will always find something to eat.

They can weigh up to 600 pounds and hibernate for the coldest months of the year… which takes a lot of calories.

These omnivorous creatures are just trying to get food as easily as they can. They will eat anything from grass to garbage and will even hunt other animals like deer.

They are even known to hunt other bears from time to time. They will target bear cubs for an easy meal and take them out. It isn’t common, but does happen often when the bear is trying to reduce competition in the area.

It’s just another way nature can be brutal, and it was all caught on tape here.

A whole bunch of bears are seen at a bait sight in the woods. A man films from a tree stand a ways from them, as multiple bears are seen with some very young cubs.

All at once, a bear starts chasing down a tiny cub, right up a tree as it screams.

It gets ahold of it brings it down and walks off with ease.

It’s a tough world out there.

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