Florida Police Officer Leaps From Patrol Boat Onto Runaway Boat Going Over 40 MPH

Florida Bus
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

This looks like something straight out of James Bond.

I have so many questions about what’s going on in this video, and the main one is:

“Why in the world is an unmanned boat traveling at full speed in the ocean?”

That had to be a wild scene for other boaters passing by, like… what happened to the guy driving it?

It went down in Pinellas County, Florida, when police had to drive out in a patrol boat to stop an unmanned, out of control boat that was traveling at 41 mph.

And how were they able to neutralize this thing, you may ask?

Deputy Travis Fernandes went full superhero mode and leaped from the patrol boat, and onto the unmanned boat.

I have to admit, this takes some serious guts, because the timing for this has to be absolutely perfect, because if it’s not, it could lead to serious injury or death.

Nevertheless, Fernandes successfully jumped into the rogue boat and neutralized it.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office shared in a Facebook post:

“July 30th, Deptuy Fernandes and Deputy Constant with the Marine and Environmental Lands Unit responded to a call to assist the United States Coast Guard with a runaway vessel.

The driver had fallen off and was rescued by a Good Samaritan. The Coast Guard attempted to deploy prop fowling devices to stop the vessel but they were unsuccessful.

Deputy Constant intercepted the runaway vessel by matching its speed (about 41 mph) inside the curve allowing Deputy Fernandes to leap aboard and take control of the vessel. And yes Deputy Fernandes does his own stunts.”

Not all heroes wear capes, I reckon.

And I have to say, the Van Halen “Jump” background music really ties the whole thing together.

Check it out:

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