Black Bear Steals Golfer’s Clubs Right Off The Back Of His Golf Cart, Takes Them Down Cliff

Golfer black bear
Rob Johnston

Though baseball is often regarded as America’s past time, groups of guys getting away from their significant others for hours on end and playing golf is probably a close second.

Sometimes all you really need is a golf trip with the boys. There’s nothing like slamming back beers that the cart girl brings around and shaving off strokes after you hit your ball out of bounds on a Saturday afternoon.

The beautiful thing about playing golf is that you aren’t really playing against anyone but yourself, so all you have to worry about is what you are doing, and maybe what the weather is like that day.

Unless you are this golfer in Canada, then you also have to worry about a black bear coming by your cart and stealing your clubs and ripping your new bag to pieces. As you’ll see in the video, some golfers were going about their 18-hole round when a bear randomly came up to their group, honed in on one of the player’s blue golf bags, and decided to rip it off the cart and take it.

Now why would a bear just decide to take someone’s golf bag on a whim? If I had to guess, there was some sort of snack within the bag that ended up drawing in the bear. I doubt it is that much of a golfing aficionado that it decided it finally needed to get some clubs to play with.

And as far as we know, the bear apparently got away with the bag and everything that was in it. Those in the group tried their best to scare away the bear from the golf bag, but the wild animal kept pulling it along, and eventually took it over a steep cliff and disappeared into the dense brush.

If the golfer really never got their clubs back, the bear “golf-bag-heist” will end up costing a pretty penny. Depending on what kind of clubs the person had, along with golf balls and other things in the bag, the unlucky golfer might be out anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000 dollars (and that’s lowballing it). However, maybe that was the golfer’s sign from God that he should give up the sport?

It’s too bad for that guy that he lost his clubs, but it’s too good for us who get to laugh at the bear snatching the golf bag off the court and pulling them down the steep embankment to never be seen again.

The video was posted onto X, with the caption:

“A buddy of mine got a new golf bag for this season. Last weekend a bear took a liking to it. Hilarity ensued.”

X users couldn’t get enough of the comical video, and the fact that the man was thinking about going over the cliff to fight the bear for his clubs.

Replies underneath the post added hilarious commentary such as:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock