A 5-Song Introduction To West Texas Country Rock Band, Treaty Oak Revival

Treaty Oak Revival
Pics With Paige

If you have not heard of Treaty Oak Revival, sit down, crack open a cold one, and get ready to unveil some incredible music.

Meet Treaty Oak Revival.

The West Texas country rock band was formed in 2019, consisting of Sam Canty, Lance Vanley, Jeremiah Vanley, Kelly McKay, and Andrew Carey.

While the band grew up listening to rock, geographically, where they grew up gave them some pretty thick accents. While some might see that as a downfall, Treat Oak Revival took it as an opportunity to blend Texas red dirt roots with rock/punk flares for a unique sound.

While their primary following still resides in Texas, they are quickly gaining traction from country music listeners around the country and turning the heads of big names in the industry.

Koe Wetzel recently had the group join him at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, to open up his sold-out arena show.

But some of the best places to catch these guys are small bars, where you can feel their energy and passion for the music they make.

“We usually get a really energetic crowd. It becomes a really nice cycle of high energy, and it gives a little bit for everyone.

No one feels like they are put in a box in our show. Sometimes we will say to each other after a show, ‘That was wild.’ That’s what we want.”

Said lead singer Sam Canty in a Bandwagon interview.

While I could sit here and rave about these guys all day, but the best way to get to know a band is by diving into their discography.

Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

5. “Haunted House”

4. “Stayed Tuned”

3. “Tattooed Roses”

2. “Missed Call”

While there are many other great song’s from this group, I highly recommend checking out their debut album, No Vacancy; the number one song I’d say listen to is this one right here.

Number 1 goes to fan favorite and the title track of the album, “No Vacancy.” 

If you loved those and are on a deep dive.

Treaty Oak Revival sounds just as phenomenal live… check out this unplugged acoustic session.

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