Frustrated Momma Bear Ragdolls Her Cub Out Of The Road

Black bear mama

Is this the animal equivalent of having a parent grab you by the ear?

Many people can say they have not seen wildlife like this up close and personal, and even fewer can say they have witnessed a mother-child fight among wildlife.

There is a first for everything.

A person driving on the highway captured insane footage of a mother black bear getting pissed at her cub.

As the driver is at a standstill, you can see the bear fling her cub in an attempt to move him out of the middle of the road. She then turns back and snaps at the cub again as he lags behind her.

The cub gets the memo and scampers alongside his mother as they return to the brush.

You can hear the passengers of the car blown away at what is unfolding before their eyes.

“She’s getting mad… it’s the craziest thing.”

The mom appears to be happy once she and her kiddo head into the woods, happy that he is safe and by her side.

Respecting your mother is clearly a universal language, and folks in the comments agreed.

“Got these folks filming you actin’ a damn fool.”

“All I felt was ‘getchyoassoverthegatdamn.'”

“All species of moms get frustrated, and the kids don’t listen.”

“She definitely told him more than once to stop his sh*t.”

Spare the rod, spoil the cub… as they say…

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