Young Baltimore Ravens Fan Loses His Mind After QB Lamar Jackson Gives Him A High Five

Lamar Jackson NFL
Baltimore Ravens

NFL football season is right around the corner (37 days to be exact), which means training camp is in full swing.

We’ve already unfortunately seen some stars of the league get hurt during the training and conditioning period, with some even being ruled out for the entire season before they ever really got started.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow looked to have suffered a serious non-contact injury last week, but luckily only suffered a calf strain.

The weeks leading up the season can be stressful for NFL teams trying to find the balance between making sure their players are physically ready for the 18-week schedule and yet somehow ensure that they don’t suffer any setbacks or injuries.

But training camp isn’t all that bad, considering that it also gives us moments like this one that show just how important the sport of football is for young kids looking up to some of the NFL’s best role models.

One of those players is Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson (who got PAID this offseason, finally), and just the mere act of him high-fiving kids standing by where the players enter onto the field made one particular young fan lose his mind.

Jackson comes running down the sloped pathway to the field to a chorus of high-pitched screams, handing out high fives all over the place. Though all the kids were enjoying seeing and interacting with the dual-threat quarterback, one kid stares at his hand and hilariously shouts to the heavens in excitement after touching Jackson’s hand.

Take a look:

Absolute gold.

X users (still getting used to saying that) loved the kid’s reaction to getting a high five from Lamar, sending out replies to the Raven’s post saying:

Ahh, the natural process for viral videos. First they’re posted, then they spread like wildfire across social media, and then they are immortalized and turned into a GIF. The “American Dream” really…

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