Taylor Swift Gives ‘Eras Tour’ Truck Drivers $100k Bonuses As US Leg Comes To A Close

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Taylor Swift is sharing the spoils of her mega successful Eras Tour.

Unless you’ve been literally living under a rock, you know at least something about the insanely large tour Taylor Swift has been on since March of this year. Aptly titled Eras, every performance features songs from each of her albums, allowing people to see first hand the long career path she’s walked since becoming a household name at just 16 years old with the release of her self-titled debut album.

The tour features a total of 131 shows across 5 continents, each one around 3 hours long that had her devoted fanbase absolutely foaming at the mouth to not miss a second, some literally wearing diapers to avoid having to leave to pee.

Of course, we can’t bring up this record breaking tour without mentioning the infamous Ticketmaster backlash. The ticketing platform crashed when the tour went on sale as over 14 million people tried to register for the presale, which began a trend of artists and fans alike calling out the Live Nation/Ticketmaster organization for shady business practices and their market dominance, which many people believe to be a monopoly. You can read our deep dive on how Live Nation & Ticketmaster control the live music industry for more details.

But regardless of the extracurriculars, this was undoubtedly one of the largest and most successful tours of all-time, and over the weekend, Taylor Swift decided to reward the behind the scenes staff for their efforts.

According to TMZ, Swift passed out $100,000 bonus checks to around 50 truck drivers before her Saturday night show in Santa Clara, California. This group was responsible for driving all of the equipment needed for each performance to the venues.

Based on my calculations, the Eras Tour truck drivers would have travelled approximately 12,631 miles just going from stop to stop, not including the original trip to Glendale, Arizona or the return trip from Inglewood, California, so it’s safe to say this is a well earned chunk of change.

Sources familiar with this also said other behind the scenes employees received substantial bonuses as well, but the specific amounts weren’t stated.

Regardless of how you feel about Taylor Swift or her music, you have to respect the hell out of this move.

Absolutely love when superstars take care of those who helped them get there, big tip of the cap to Taylor Swift.

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