Orca Lives Up To Killer Whale Reputation By Ripping The Liver Out Of A Whale Shark In Viral Video

Orca Whale
Ocean Safaris

The brutality of nature at its finest.

Video footage is currently going viral of a killer whale going to town on a whale shark, reportedly removing its liver.

The footage was captured by CEO of Ocean Safaris, James Moskito, back in April.

It all went down during a trip to Baja California in Mexico. In the first part of the video, you can see a creature pass beneath the camera, and Moskito yelling to the other divers:

“Whale shark.”

Next thing you know, an orca swims up and gets ahold of the underneath portion of the shark. Moskito says that the orca removed the whale’s liver in the violent attack, and you can see the shark flip over and sink.

Moskito told LiveScience:

“It’s literally over in a matter of seconds. They came in, they bit the bottom of the whale shark.

Looks like they slurped in the liver and then the whale shark just fell and descended down, with no movement– I’m assuming it was dead.”

Once the whale shark begins to sink, you can see another orca come into the picture in an effort to get a bite of its own on the shark liver.

Despite being massive and having the name “shark,” whale sharks are quite harmless and rather docile creatures. They do have very tiny teeth, but are a filter feeder who eat plankton, krill and other tiny organisms.

Killer whales on the other hand… well, they live up to the name…

Talk about a wild scene, and this is a trip that Moskito and the fellow divers will never forget.

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