Man Stumbles Upon Entire Family Of White Deer

White deer
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Well this is something that you’ll probably never see in your lifetime.

I’ll admit, it’s always strange to see a creature that isn’t the its natural color roaming around somewhere. At my home golf course, there’s an albino squirrel that hangs out on the 17th hole every day, and it still throws me off every time I see it.

Albino and/or leucitic animals are incredibly rare in the wild, and many people go their whole lifetime without seeing one… let alone a family of them.

Well for this lucky individual, they spotted a whole family of what are probably leucitic deer roaming around near the side of a road.

And for those not aware, albinism is a genetic mutation that results total lack of pigment (meaning white fur and red eyes), whereas leucism is only a partial loss of pigment and can result in all white deer with normal eyes or even white and brown deer known as “piebalds.”

In the footage, you can see a white doe walking alongside a creek, with two white fawns following closely behind.

Oddly enough, there’s another fawn following with seemingly normal fur.

The person in the car then points the camera to the road, and sure enough there’s a white buck in the family too. The whole family all right there.

I mean c’mon, what are the chances of something like this?

Granted there are a few places (Wisconsin and upstate New York) where larger herds of white deer have been spotted, but nevertheless, an extremely rare occurrence.

It should also be noted that these creatures typically don’t survive for long out in the wild, because their bright white color makes it easy for prey to hunt them down.

Check it out:

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