Shark Slaps A Woman In The Face With Its Tail, Then Bites And Pops Their Boat

Shark pops boat

This is a nightmare, right?

Nope, this was these folks’ reality, and they even have the video to prove it.

Sharks are some of the scariest creatures out there. I think more than anything it’s just easy to think of Jaws or Shark Week, which almost always involves attacks.

The odds of being attacked by a shark are 1 in 3.75 million. Sure, it’s better than a lottery ticket, but it’s still pretty low.

And if you’re super worried about sharks you just don’t have to go in the ocean, where they live…

I get it though, by and large they are an interesting and dangerous species. They are fast and strong predators that take out their prey with little effort. They are expert killers and often equipped with the tools to kill, like razor sharp teeth, speed and massive size.

This can make sharks attractive too. People love to go out and chase after them, looking for areas they frequent. But that can lead to very close encounters which comes with some risk.

This video shows just what the risk can be.

The boat full of people was just watching some sharks feeding away off the coast of South Africa. They were active very close to the boat. Then… right at the boat.

A shark pops up, flips its tail and hits a woman in the face. It then goes and bites the boat, which is am inflatable dingy, causing it to pop.

Eventually, they’re forced to bust out the air pump to keep the boat afloat while they make their way back to land.

What a nightmare…

But that’s sharks for ya.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock