Watch The Hilarious Moment Eric Church Realized His Texas Flag Was Hanging Upside Down During A Show

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Don’t mess with Texas.

Well Eric Church may have unintentionally upset some Texans during a recent stop at the Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas for his Outsiders Revival Tour while trying to honor the Lone Star State.

Church had a giant Texas flag hanging from the stage behind him. But there was a small problem: It was upside down.

@lj_91 @Eric Church come on man! Love you bust texas flag upside down?! #ericchurchtour ♬ original sound – Laura

Apparently fans kept pointing at the flag, until Church finally noticed the issue in a hilarious moment that was caught on video.

“Yep. Upside down.

My apologies to the great state of Texas.”

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much he could do but laugh about it at that point:

“Short of stopping the show and taking a 20 minute intermission, if you guys will forgive me tonight I’ll make it up to you a little bit later.”

And he did take the blame for the mistake – sort of:

“It’s on me and whoever hung the f*cking thing upside down, that’s who it’s on.”

It’s alright Chief, mistakes happen. Although Texas is probably the one state you want to double check the flag before hanging it up. You know how Texans are when you mess with their state…

@marlogeorgette @Eric Church did make it right though. Someone got fired tonight!! 😬#Texas #USA #EricChurch #Dallas #DontMessWithTexas ♬ original sound – Marlo Escamilla

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