German Shepherd Pushes Owner Down Slip & Slide, Goes Tumbling Down With Her

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With the heat wave that is gripping the country right now, people are getting creative with figuring out ways to “beat the heat.”

It’s so hot, Amazon delivery drivers are diving head first into customer’s pools, and as you’ll see in the video below, dogs are even pushing their owners down water-side slip and slides in order to cool them off.

This video is laugh-out-loud funny, and shows off one of the finest examples of redneck ingenuity the world has ever seen. Go ahead and try to build a water slide that rides this smooth and holds up this well. Crafting something like this is a lot harder than it looks.

And as summer winds down, I’m feeling strange amounts of FOMO that I didn’t get to ride down this water slide, or something remotely like it. I’m sure these people just built it for their own self-enjoyment, but I’m sure they could make a decent amount of money in their community if they charged $1 dollar a ride.

In the video, it looks like the woman who was positioned to slide down the tarp/garbage bag engineered water slide is a little hesitant to fully let go. I’m not sure if it is the height of the slide, or the gross looking brown water that awaits at the bottom, but she was hanging tight at the top of the slide for the moment.

That is until the family’s dog, a quick-moving German Shepard, comes barreling into the frame and giving the woman that “push of encouragement” that she needed. However, the dog does so with a little too much speed, accidentally flinging itself onto the slip-and-slide.

And just like the name of the summer-time-tarp-invention alludes to, the German Shepard hilariously starts slipping and sliding down the slope right behind the woman. Despite the efforts to regain its footing, the dog is now victim to the slippery slope and good old fashioned gravity, and hilarity ensues.

Take a look:

Those in the replies couldn’t get enough of the hilarious, impromptu slip and slide by the dog, sending out replies like:

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