Deer Plows Through Front End Of A Camper, Driver Finds The Carcass Inside

Deer camper

It’s no secret that deer can be incredibly unpredictable.

Tons of us have been in situations where we’ve nearly hit a deer, or actually have hit one before. And if not, we at least know of somebody who has.

Hell, I’ll never forget walking across my college campus my freshman year, and all of a sudden a spooked buck came out of nowhere and started sprinting in my direction, and did a quick 90 degree turn straight into the student center window.

You just never know what to expect when you run into a creature as skittish (and fast) as deer.

With that being said, here is yet another wild example.

This one went down in Leakey, Texas.

The man who recorded the whole ordeal was discussing how a deer had hit the tail end of his truck.

You can see some visible marks from where the deer made contact with the side of the truck.

No serious damage, and no big deal, right?

Well, he then turns the focus to the camper he was pulling, and you can see that the deer COMPLETELY smashed through the front end of the camper.

He then walks up to the door opens it, and sure enough the deer is laying inside the camper dead, probably from blunt force trauma caused from running straight through the camper.

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty impressive that the deer was able to completely fit through that tiny hole.

A wild scene I must say, and this is some terrible luck I must add.

Check it out:

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