U.S. Soccer Player Lindsey Horan Calls Dutch Player (& Club Teammate) A “F*cking B*tch” After Hard Foul… Then Scores A Goal

Lindsey Horan
Fox Soccer

Not gonna lie, one of my favorite parts about watching sports is when players get caught on the hot mics, or you can blatantly see the player mouth a very profane word to another player or official.

It’s legendary, and it makes you realize that those athletes are really just one of us.

With that being said, we saw this situation play out again at the Women’s World Cup, and it came from an American too… USA midfielder Lindsey Horan.

It all went down when the US was taking on the Netherlands during the World Cup yesterday.

Horan was fouled by the Netherlands’ Danielle Van de Donk, and that’s when Horan couldn’t contain herself any longer…

After being checked on by the medical staff, she was also shown up close and mouthing:

“Fucking b*tch!”

Then, as they got ready for the foul, there was some pushing and shoving and she proceeded to tell Van de Donk to:

“Shut your f*cking mouth”

An epic moment, if I must say so myself.

And to make it even better, Horan hit the shot to tie the game up 1-1:

But if you think there’s any bad blood between the two, there isn’t, because they’re actually club teammates at Olympique Lyon and good friends.

It was all just a passionate moment in the heat of sports.

After the game, Van de Donk was giving an interview when Horan walked by, and it was a laughs and hugs.

You gotta love it:

@ecxdvd Replying to @Emerson Adams there you goooo #daniellevandedonk #lindseyhoran ♬ original sound – elxdvd

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