Driver Slams Into Chunky Black Bear While Talking On The Phone About Smoking Weed

Black bear accident

I grew up in Pennsylvania, which meant I was always on the lookout for deer while driving.

As so many people across the country know, those fellas seem to jump out of anywhere at any time, but especially while driving down dark roads at night. It’s like their on a kamikaze mission.

I knew there were bears around but I’d ever seen one, so the thought that one would run out in front of my car never even crossed my mind.

But as we’re about to see in this video, maybe I should have been a bit more worried.

The clip starts with a guy talking to a girl on the phone while driving home. All seemed normal and the guy was just starting to say he was going to smoke a big doobie when he got back when a chunky black bear ran out from the right side of the road and directly in front of his car.

Spoiler alert: The bear got tossed.

The car collided with the running animal and sent it skidding across the blacktop, tumbling multiple times.

While it’s obviously a super scary moment, I can’t stop laughing at the guy’s reaction to the whole ordeal.

When asked if he’s going home, he responded

“Yes, I’m going home and I’m going to smoke a f*cking huge f*cking bl… OH MY GOD… Oh my God I just hit the f*cking sh*t out of a f*cking bear.”

I mean come on, that is absolutely hilarious.

The bear did appear to get away at least somewhat okay and scampered up the embankment across the road, which yet again shows that wild animals are so much tougher than us.

That guy really needed some reefer after this…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock