Shark Brutally Attacks Dolphin Near Shore, Leaves A Bloodbath Near The Sand

Shark attacks dolphin on beach
Chris Polinsky

What a mess.

Dolphins are pretty much universally loved.

They’re super smart, crazy athletic, like to get high, and are known as one of the few creatures that will actively fight sharks.

But just because there’s some great stories about dolphins coming out on top of the most feared creature in the sea doesn’t mean they have a 100% success rate, as we can see in this video.

While there’s no details on where exactly this took place, the scene was absolutely horrific as a massive cloud of blood appeared just feet from the shore where the dolphin was being attacked.

The man who shot the video added the below context in the description:

“The local wildlife commission had been following this dolphin because they had received reports that a shark had bitten this dolphin. This happened multiple times in open water and was trying to evade the shark.

A “jet-skier” had jumped off of his jet ski to swim with the dolphin not knowing the danger present. It appeared that while he was holding it, the shark came and bit it again while he was holding it and then the video starts after he realized what was happening.

Local officials made everyone get out of the water because they weren’t exactly sure what was happening at the time.”

While it appeared the dolphin was able to swim away, I don’t believe he was going to make a full recovery. Can’t imagine the amount of damage done just given the blood in the water and violent thrashing throughout the encounter.

Also, can you believe that one guy just stood right next to it? Sir, I’m positive you wouldn’t put up a tenth of the fight that dolphin did and if that shark recognized it, boy this could have been a much different video…

Nature is brutal.

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