Matt Damon Says Kissing Scarlett Johansson While She Had Onion Breath “Was Hell”

Matt Damon Scar Jo

Alright, we all know that Scarlett Johansson is notoriously one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood… check that, all of the world.

However, this comment from one of her fellow actors may change your mind a bit…

And it came from Matt Damon.

Damon recently made an appearance on LADBible with Emily Blunt, and was partaking in a segment of “Agree to Disagree.”

Blunt and Damon immediately agreed that you should always warn someone if your breath smells before kissing them, and Blunt said especially when you’re preparing to film an “intimate scene” of a movie or show with co-stars.

She said:

“There’s an etiquette. You’ve got to brush your teeth, use some mouthwash and stick some gum on the roof of your mouth.”

That’s when Damon recalled one of those brutal moments, and it involved Scarlett Johansson of all people.

He said it all went down on the set of We Bought a Zoo, which he starred with Johansson in.

Damon recalled:

“I had to kiss Scarlett Johansson. Can you imagine how horrible that was for me? It was hell!

What happened was we did a shot before lunch and it was this nice little two-shot that ended in the kiss, and it was really good.

We went to lunch. She and I both thought it was over, and she ate, like, an onion sandwich for lunch. She came in and Cameron Crowe had set the camera up, and it was a tight shot of the kiss… She goes ‘Oh, sh*t! I had an onion sandwich!”

However, Damon saved the near roast over admitting her breath still smelled “like roses.”

Yeah, okay Matt. I find it hard to believe that any woman’s breath could smell good after eating a whole onion sandwich, but to each their own I guess.

That being said, any man would be jumping at the chance to kiss ScarJo, onion breath be damned. Hell, she could eat an entire raw onion and wash it down with a few cloves of garlic and a tuna fish sandwich and I’d still be first in line to swap places with Matt Damon.

I know I’m not alone…

You can check out the full video here:

Oh, and here’s the kiss:

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