Diver Pushing Away Curious Shark Is Both Terrifying & Awesome

Shark diver

The shark clearly just wanted some friends.

Happy shark week, everyone. While this is some people’s favorite week of the year, for others (like me), it is a reminder of all things that lurk under the surface of the beautiful blue sea.

While most shark week content is filled with people studying feeding habits, reasonings behind attacks, or creating feeding frenzies to understand why they are so deadly, I have found some content that airs on the more playful side of these fish.

A diver posted a video to TikTok of a shark getting a little too friendly with him during the dive.

While I am sure the moment was beyond terrifying for the man behind the camera, the shark’s teeth make him appear to be smiling, and the non-threatening approaches make him seem like he wants to play.

The diver pushes the shark back by its nose, and the shark continues to swim back to the diver after each gentle push.

“Cut it out!


Stop pushing!

God damn, this is not nice, Snooty!”

The diver yells through his oxygen line.

Commenters quickly chimed in on the fact the shark appeared to be playing with the diver.

“He’s smiling. He’s a friendly shark.”

“He’s so happy to see you look at that smile.”

“This is not nice snooty.” This is snooty.”

“He just wants to play.”

“He’s a lemon shark, and they like nose rubs, so he’s just playing.”

Apparently, this shark is from a reef where they are accustomed to being fed by humans, so I am sure this shark just saw this as a chance to get some free snacks.

While most encounters might not end like this, the video is so cute to watch.

The fact that the man behind the camera sounds like Seth Rogan also adds to the viewing experience.

@brandon89013 Bro is fighting for his life #Shark #sharkweek ♬ original sound – ★BRANDON★

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