Luke Combs Spotted Ripping Golf Balls Inside Gillette Stadium Before His Concert

Luke Combs
Zack Massey

Luke Combs is arguably the biggest name in country music right now, and he also seems to be entering his name into the “biggest golf guys” list with this recent video going viral on social media.

We knew that the “When It Rains, It Pours” singer was an avid golfer thank to a tweet that he sent out back in 2019. The thought process that Combs worked through in only 12 words showed that he had been to war with the game of golf, sharing a love-hate relationship that only those who play the cruel, unforgiving, fun game can have.

Combs stated:

“I hate golf. I quit golf. I can’t wait to play tomorrow.”

I felt that…

Ask any person that plays golf if this statement is true and they’ll tell you that Combs put it perfectly. Golf usually takes forever to play, you hit more bad shots than you do good ones, and then you make a birdie on the last hole and it somehow keeps you coming back to pay outrageous green fees.

The country artist is currently finishing up the American leg of his World Tour before heading “across the pond” to play in stadiums in Australia, Denmark, and Irelands (to name a few of the stops). He must be pressed for time, but still wants to get some golf practice in, because he had a full-blown driving range set up at his concert venue in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Combs had a hitting mat and a net set up right on the walkway of the stage, allowing for him to get some practice shots in before rehearsal. That kind of dedication is only shown by those who are deeply enthralled in the “good versus evil” battle that takes place internally with the game of golf.

Luke Combs already had a loyal fanbase, but now that golfers and golf fans will find out how dedicated he is to the sport, I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing a few more golf-shirt-wearing concert goers at future Combs concerts.

Check out the video below, which was captured before his performance at Gillette Stadium, which featured another cool moment where he brought a kid who had just beat cancer on stage with him to sing “Fast Car” during the show:

He also shared the video himself, challenging DJ Khaled to a round:


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