Father Smashes In Windshield To Save Baby Accidentally Locked In Car During Scorching Texas Heat Wave

Father smashes windshield

A gut-wrenching moment for any parent.

As temperatures continue reaching record highs throughout the nation, heat-related injuries are rising. And temperatures have been exceptionally high in southern states like Texas.

I know I have seen signs flashing on the highways about unsafe air quality and the importance of not leaving dogs or babies in cars during these extreme heat waves. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports it takes only 10 minutes for a car to heat up by 20 degrees.

That report explains why a video of a baby being rescued from a car is taking the internet by storm.

Earlier this week, a man got out of his car, accidentally locking his keys in the car while his baby was sitting in the back seat.

The father did not leave any chance for the car to heat up more than it already was, taking a crowbar to the front window.

The video was filmed in Harlingen, Texas, located within the Rio Grande Valley. With this city in south Texas, it sees extreme summer temperatures… today it is 95 degrees, but it feels like 105 degrees.

Given the heat combined with the fact the car was not running with AC, he took no chance on waiting for someone to help him unlock the car.

A window is easily replaceable at the end of the day.

The window was quickly broken, and a hole big enough was made to get inside and lift the baby to safety.

Thankfully due to this father’s quick realization that the keys were locked in the car with the baby, no harm occurred to the child.

A local Houston news station reported:

“No police charges were filed in this, just a big accident. The baby was thankfully unhurt.”

You can feel the father’s desperation as he hits the glass in order to safely get his child out of the car… a horrifying accident for any parent.

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