Alabama Angler Reels In State Record Tiger Shark Weighing More Than 1,000 Pounds

Tiger shark
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This is a biggin’…

And by biggin’, I’m talking about a probable Alabama state record.

According to Fox-10, this one went down in Dauphin Island, Alabama, during the 90th Annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo.

Little did Brett Rutledge know that this year’s event would turn into an unforgettable experience…

Because after a 45 minute long battle, Rutledge reeled in a tiger shark that weighed a staggering 1,019 pounds.

He told the outlet:

“I just used normal fishing technique. We caught our bait yesterday. All the crew talked about where we were going, and we set up.

We caught seven sharks this morning, and this happened to be the biggest.

I’m excited it’s fun, and if it does hold, it will be a new state record, so that would be cool.”

The previous record was set 30 years ago at 988 pounds, and if Rutledge’s catch is made official, it will easily take the state record.

To put things into perspective, tiger sharks typically weigh around 600 pounds off the coast of Alabama, and Rutledge reeled in one that is nearly double the average weight of these massive creatures.

Needless to say, this is a trip that he’ll never forget, as he’s most likely the new Alabama state record holder.

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