Yellowstone Visitors Watch Grizzly Bear & Her Cubs Charge Across The Park

Grizzly bear
Viral Hog

As someone who has never gotten to witness the breathtaking views and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park, this makes me incredibly jealous.

You could take a trip up there, and see anything from massive elk crossing the road, wolves hunting down their prey, bison staring right back at your from several yards away, and so much more.

It’s truly an experience that I definitely want one day, and I’ve put on my bucket list.

With that being said, these lucky Yellowstone tourists got to witness something awesome, and also incredibly rare…

A mama grizzly bear running across the landscape of Yellowstone National Park near some hot springs, along with her two cubs running up beside her.

You can see the tourists looking on in awe, and even some who were feeling a little too close for comfort.

It appears these cubs are still really young, as mama bears stay with their cubs and raise them from 16 to 17 months, before letting them out on their own.

The videographer wrote in the caption:

“My son, brother, and I were on our FIRST vacation… we were at Yellowstone Park, and we were just taking a video to remember the location and experience by, and were lucky to catch this moment as it unfolded!

Some people were scared and running away, but we ran toward it! Apparently, it’s rare to see a mama bear with 2 cubs – so this was a very lucky caught-on-camera moment!”

Check it out:

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